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Korean exchange teachers are sharing their experiences

2019-05-17 18:00

Guest teacher Ihm Chae Hong

Teaching English in Mongolia

  1. Class Observation

    I had a chance to observe Mongolian English teachers’ class for 15 hours in a week. Some of them were new teachers while others are experienced. All the teachers were energetic and enthusiastic, and the students were actively participating in class and tried hard to do what they are asked to.

  1. Class (English movie club)

    From the second week I began teaching English movie club students for 14 hours every week. My goal was to help the students to study in the future, when they might have to find a way to study English all by themselves. For that reason, I just tried to focus on how to motivate them and make them have a passion for learning for their future success.

  2. Teaching Essay-writing for Olympiad Students

    In the late March I happened to teach how to write a good essay to the Olympiad students. I taught several students how to organize their thoughts and turn them into an essay. The result was kind of surprising. Two 12th grade students got the first and second place and three 9th grade students got the first, second, and third place at the English sector of Darkhan Olympiad. Although my contribution for this achievement was just limited to essay writing part, I felt very proud of myself from this experience.

  1. Darkhan English Teachers’ Association

    I had a few chances to participate in the Darkhan English Teachers’ conference. It seems that they have a meeting at a certain school on one Wednesday every month. Their topics were always how to teach English well and how to improve their teaching skills, which was very inspiring for me. On the last meeting I had a chance to give a presentation about how to use English movies in class.

  2. Life in Darkhan

    Life in Darkhan has been completely different than I had thought. I expected my life alone to be perfectly free. Like everything else, it turned out that the reality is always a lot tougher than that. I am a “Цагаан гартай хүн.” Having to do all the house work such as cooking, dish washing and laundry thing and having no one to talk with have been the most difficult part. However, I have been lucky to have a great mentor teacher, an English teacher called Todtsetseg, at school, and everything at school has been wonderful. There have been many good things in Mongolia. Most of the people I met in my city have been nice and hospitable. They always tried to supportive. It has also been great that the city I am living in right now is a safe one. However, there have been some unpleasant experiences, too. I have met some Mongolians who tried to lie and get more money than the due amount. I will try to forget about them quickly.

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